Description Edit

"Honey Nut Crispy Rice Sweetened Cereal"

Notes Edit

Wonder brand cereals came in three varieties: Apple Cinnamon Corn Flakes, Crunchy Graham Oat Rings and Honey Nut Crispy Rice.

The cereals were produced by Ralston-Purina through a licensing agreement with it's then-subsidiary Continental Baking, producers of Wonder Bread.

The introduction of Wonder cereals was heralded by Ralston as "the greatest thing since sliced bread."

Company Edit


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Marketing Edit

Jingle: "These are the wonder years... these are the wonderful wonder years... finding the moments... holding them dear... these are the wonder years..."

Wonder Cereal Commercial00:38

Wonder Cereal Commercial

Other Varieties Edit

Wonder Apple Cinnamon Corn Flakes and Wonder Crunchy Graham Oat Rings

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