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"Crunchy Honey-Sweetened Oat, Wheat and Corn Cereal"

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The cereal pieces were shaped liked small figure-eights.

Kellogg's introduced C-3PO's one year after the 3rd film in the original Star Wars trilogy appeared in theaters.

Some boxes came with Plastic Rebel Rockets, Star Wars Sticker/Trading Cards, or Cut-out Star Wars Masks, and there was a send-away offer for Kenner Star Wars action figures.

Kellogg's also produced small, individual-serving sized boxes of C-3PO's that were available as part of a multi-pack of cereals. These small boxes are very hard to find and considered a valuable rarity among cereal box collectors.

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In commercials, Star Wars actor Anthony Daniels reprised his role as the famous golden droid.

C3PO's Star Wars cereal commercial

C3PO's Star Wars cereal commercial